Gabriella Gardosi

It was through working with light as an art medium that I became fascinated with its phenomena and I knew I had to learn more. In 2015, I decided to enrol for an Applied Physics degree at Aston University with one of the largest photonics departments in the UK.

While on my degree I took a placement with the SNAP research group, which matched my research interest in orbital angular momentum as we use whispering gallery modes to produce slow light devices. Since being part of the research group as a junior researcher, I have been motivated to marry the experimental and theoretical aspects of the research, with each day bringing new challenges.

My previous experience and diploma in digital fabrication from MIT at Fab Lab Barcelona serve me well when developing new experimental setups in the laboratory. And the theoretical basis from my Applied Physics course laid a foundation to build on, with the support of our group.

The more I learn about light, the more intrigued I become. Through SNAP research I learn the tangible manipulation of quantum light effects and how to wield it for exciting future applications.